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Blood Or Whiskey Merchandise


Blood or Whiskey are from Dublin, Ireland and mix Traditional Irish music with Punk Rock, the band have released 3 albums 'Blood or Whiskey' (2000), 'No time to explain' (2002), and 'Cashed Out On Culture' (2005).

The first few years of the band was spent playing all around Ireland perfecting their own unique sound, before taking it seriously and setting their sights outside the Emerald Isle.

Gigs all over England, Europe and America have seen the band play with many artists including Manu Chao, The Pogues, Rancid, Anti - Flag, The Stranglers, Dropkick Murphys, Stiff Little fingers, Levellers, The Beat, Bad Manners, Misfits and Hayseed Dixie to name but a few.